Biyernes, Enero 13, 2012

Day 13 - Incidental

After a day of merriment, I checked my weapons and other equipment for my first whole-day incidental teaching. I arrived early, thirty minutes before the bell signaled the beginning of Wednesday classes.

I was a bit disappointed when I came in the Justice classroom. Few students were there and when I asked a student, she told me that most of the class were absent the day before.

Ma'am Luces arrived and told me to start with my lesson if half of the class is present. If not, I can just bond with the students or have any activity for them just to make them stay inside the classroom.

What I did is check the attendance with a promise of +2 for the quiz on our next meeting for all of those who are present. I had a get-to-know-you activity, like what we do every first day of school. I asked them to give some sort of a short introduction, tell me their nickname and their ambition.

After 30 minutes, a lot of students came in the room and I decided to start my degrees of adjective lesson.

 The class went well. I had TMM for next class so I have more than sufficient time to prepare for my class with Faith. Breaktime followed TMM and it was time to meet "Faith".


An order of lechong paksiw, rice and 7-up after, I went to St. Jude's classroom. It was my first time to handle second year students and I did not know what to expect.

Humility's class followed right after St. Jude's. I am kind of excited to handle this class since I had a great time with them on their Christmas Party.

Last class for the day was with St. Joseph's. Just like with St. Jude, I did not know what to expect with this class but I enjoyed teaching them. :)

It was tiring but very rewarding especially when the students were able to answer my questions correctly. :) It's kind of sad too that next meeting will be my last actual class with them. I will surely miss these students. <3

Biyernes, Enero 6, 2012

Day 12 - Impromptu!

I attended ACC's First Friday Mass for the first time. It was held in St. Jude and Father Jun-jun was the celebrant. The homily was perfect for the students and what most of them are most likely going through. I also saw, and cried over the Coca-Cola OFW video that Father Jun-jun shared.

Then, I was surprised to learn that I have a class with Faith. It was not written on my copy of the schedule. I panicked for a few seconds and then, my mind kicked into second gear. I asked Ma'am if I can just review the class about the adjectives and have them read the Happy Prince instead of starting a new lesson. She agreed and we checked the assignments I gave them. They had problems answering Skill Building 4 which was about changing clause/phrase modifiers into word modifiers. We had a short discussion and when I asked them to try to answer it again, most of them were able to.

I also gave them a review activity about the arrangement of series of adjectives in sentences. I asked them to write three sentences about the picture that I posted in the board. Each sentence should have at least three sentences in it.

Ramona facilitated a couple of activities for Humility.

Ma'am Shie wrapped up her lesson about adverbs with St. Jude.

We had a meeting during Faith's TMM. Here are the important dates:

January 14 and 17: my whole-day classes
January 23: submission of exam questions
January 24: long quiz
January 25: review
January 26 and 27: exams
January 31: final demo

Topics for whole-day classes:

Humility: Paragraph
Justice and Faith: Degrees of Adjectives
St. Jude and St. Joseph: Song of the Flower

Final demo topic: Gerunds