Lunes, Disyembre 19, 2011

Day 8 - III-Humility Christmas Party

Sweet! Just like the dessert Ma'am Lanie prepared as our contribution to Humility's Christmas Party.  We had fun. The party started at about 10:00 AM.

Ma'am Lanie's Dessert...


The smell of Sisig floated on the air, trying to convince our stomachs to grumble but we did not give in. We just sat and I played Sudoku while waiting for Ma'am Luces's signal to start the program that we prepared.


Some students were not able to attend the party.

Merry Christmas!


We bought prizes such as Angry Birds tumblers, cartoon character coin banks, wallets, toys and candies.

The students waiting for the party to start:

More food:

Opening Prayer by Kateleen

Opening Remarks by Ma'am Luces

Intermission Number

First Game: Food Race

Contents: Hard-boiled eggs, candies, bread, jelly and marsh mallows

Second Game: Tanging Hinga mo

Third Game: Paper Dance

Intermission Number


Food pa ulit...

Opening Prayer by Ma'am She...

Fourth Game: Pinoy Henyo

Fifth Game: Straw Race


Ma'am Lanie, Ma'am She and Ma'am Ramona

Here's what I got!

Closing Remarks by Kenneth

Closing Prayer by Jan Louise

Ma'am Ramona, Ma'am Lanie and Ma'am She

It was a day of fun, fun and fun!