Martes, Pebrero 21, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 11

I had my demonstration teaching today! :)
But first, I had a class with II-Everlasting:


Tangalan National High School - Day 10

Just another Manic Monday :)

I met II-Everlasting and we discussed the important concepts and elements of an effective description. Then, they had a rally and election followed in the afternoon. :)

Huwebes, Pebrero 16, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 9

Hearts' Day <3

I packed up my laptop and left for TNHS. I was greeted with the usual smiles and "Good Morning Ma'am!" but there were few who greeted me "Happy Valentine's Day Ma'am" although I am certain I heard some "Happy Valentayms."  :D

It was a "review" day. My favorite part was our "surprise" for Mrs. Candelario. We had video messages of the students, which I was actually planning to make a powerpoint presentation with, only there wasn't audio when I embed it so I decided to just play the videos. Then, the students wrote letters for Ma'am which I compiled into a scrapbook. We gave it to her after the students sang "Thanks to you".

Tangalan National High School - Day 8

Quiz Day!

Quizzes were given to all the classes of Mrs. Candelario and I gave them the word hunt puzzle about the different elements of an effective description. I have checked the puzzles and a few got a perfect score.

Sabado, Pebrero 11, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 7

Easy Essay!

Good morning! :)

The Admin Office...
 The "ship"...

Today is essay day! :)

Huwebes, Pebrero 9, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 6

Sensory Words

We had a game, with II-Everlasting and II-Tulips wherein two teams battle each other. They picked sensory words and posted it on its proper place according to the sense it appeals to.

Then, I asked them to write as much sensory words as they can. We also had a guessing game wherein a word is to be guessed by a student through the clues, sensory words, given by his classmates to describe the given word.

With II-Tulips, we did the "Best Gift I Have Ever Received" activity.

I was asked to handle I-Rose's class since Ma'am is busy and we discussed "I am a Filipino" by Carlos Romulo. I asked them if we, Filipinos have absolute freedom and they answered "yes". Then, I asked them how they can tell if a person is free. One of their answers was, "when we are free to make decisions and to choose". I asked them to have a group activity wherein they were to decide about three topics: 1. death penalty 2. mercy killing 3. working abroad.

My Cooperating Teacher, Mrs. Jonah Candelario:

Tangalan National High School - Day 5

Best Gift I Have Ever Received

As their assignment, I asked II-Everlasting and II-Carnation to bring the best gift they have ever received. They did and I asked them to write a description of the gift, the person who gave it to them and the importance of the object.

I brought my bible which was given by Nanay Leonor.

With II-Tulips, I posted pictures of E-boy, Spiderman, Robocop, Batman and Kokey and ask them to write a paragraph describing any of them.