Martes, Pebrero 7, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 4


My first class starts at 8:20 so I did not have to rush "climbing" to school. I took my time, looked around and I saw this and tried if I can take a decent photo with my mobile phone.

Then, I heard someone said, (translated from Akeanon to Filipino) "Ayaw mo? Itatapon ko to?" I turned around and saw a male student holding a bouquet of about a dozen red roses. I looked for whoever it was he was talking to and saw a female student in her P.E. uniform. "Ah!" the girl said and walked on. To my horror, the boy really did threw the flowers. I was not able to take a picture of course.

My first class was with II-Tulips. We started the discussion about the order of adjectives in a series. They were a bit late with the lessons. After the discussion, we had the "Adjective Balloons" activity wherein they would arrange the words inside the balloon.

For the classes with II-Everlasting and II-Carnation, I asked them to write a jingle and present them from the description of a product which we did in the previous meeting.

Here's the performance of the II-Everlasting pupils.

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