Lunes, Pebrero 6, 2012

Tangalan National High School - Day 3

I was greeted by smiles and "Good Mornings" from students clad in yellow and blue checked uniforms and others from lads in white polo and slacks. Thinking I was late, I quickened my pace. A very tall student came to me and asked to carry my things. I thanked her but said no. When I arrived, the students were cleaning the room and Ma'am Candelario asked a student to balance the curtains. I watched and wonder if I have been that meticulous in my whole life. Never.

I handled the II-Everlasting class and we reviewed the definition of adjectives and the correct order of adjectives when used in a series. I also facilitated the "Buy Me" Activity wherein the class was divided into four groups and they will pick a picture that contains the product that they will endorse. Their TV ad should have at least three sentences with at least three adjectives in each. It was fun. The same thing was done with the II-Carnation class.

The view from the ACC interns' "tambayan" :

Ma'am handled the II-Tulips class and announced the scores in their exam. When the boy who got the highest score was called, he stood up and said, "Palakpaki nyo ako". And, the class clapped for him. :D

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